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2018 외국인투자주간 외국인투자기업 취업상담회

2018 외국인투자주간 외국인투자기업 취업상담회

2018년 11월 8일 (목)
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Backup Cameras Destined For Failure?

2018.09.07 11:00 조회 수 : 84

People, Man, Shadow, Guy, Day, BridgeNecessary backup cameras in all automobiles seem like a fantastic idea destined to save lives. That’s the pondering at the Nationwide Freeway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). They’re poised to challenge marching orders to automakers: Install backup cameras and cockpit displays by 2014 so that you don’t back into children, gradual-moving seniors, stray bicycles, and the hearth hydrant too near the curb. Odds are it won’t save many lives as a result of most cars will get cheap, rear-view mirrors that don’t work very properly. The solution that works prices extra: an in-sprint LCD show, correctly shielded from the sun, paired with backup sonar. Rear-view mirror displays are cute if you see them within the showroom however in the real world they’re too small to resolve all hazards, and the usefulness drops to close to zero if the solar is streaming through the windshield or immediately at the digicam. Without visible and audible warnings, drivers late for work are nonetheless going to again over children and garbage cans.

NHTSA estimates including a backup camera and in-car display at $160-$200, which suggests automakers will say it prices $320-$500. In this case, the NHTSA quantity could also be accurate because you can buy a backup digicam kit for beneath $200. The low-price resolution that could be ready in time for 2014 is to mount a digital camera close to the rear license plate — automakers understand how to do this — and swap to an inside rear-view mirror glass aspect with a small LCD display embedded within the mirror. It’s already provided on some vehicles now. I’ve pushed a number of vehicles with them. The LCD show ranges from unusable on a contrasty day (harsh sunlight early or late within the day) to passable on shadow-free days for those who look laborious on the mirror and use that tiny rectangle for backing, not the rear window. The highest picture reveals an in-mirror digital camera in a two-year-outdated Ford Fusion; the view right here is about nearly as good as you'll be able to count on.

Even some in-sprint LCDs endure from poor visibility if the solar is low within the sky and on the back aspect of the automobile. That’s where parking sonar comes in. It proactively pings for those who get close to an object behind the automobile and most backup sensors step up the frequency of the warning beep as you get closer. It could also be that backup sonar is more effective as a safety gadget, however that’s not what NHTSA is passing on the Congress this week.

Here’s how it must be accomplished. This is a BMW. The in-dash display is massive, 8″ diagonal if you happen to don’t get a navigation system, 10.4″ should you do. (Even an 8″ display is larger than most automakers’ navigation shows.) A rear camera watches behind you. The parking sonar sensors beep and in addition they feed distance info to the LCD show, which shows up as a green-yellow-crimson band indicating how far you might be from the item. It even wraps a warning circle around a freestanding object corresponding to a parking meter or youngster. The curved strains characterize the car’s path of travel: one set of strains for straight again, the second for course of journey based on the angle of the steering wheel no

In case you desire a simpler view, or if in case you have a BMW with no backup camera, you get a sonar-and-icons view that exhibits a high down view of the car and the side with the hazard and the space. Within the image above, the hazard is close to the left rear. You be the decide of which kind of hazard warning is most effective: one of those two or the rear-view digicam display. BMW prices too much for its vehicles but the expertise may be moved downmarket affordabl

Statistically, the problem is small. About 100 people die yearly in backup accidents towards 33,000 automobile-associated fatalities. To deal with the issue, automakers will spend an estmated $2.7 billion a year if NHTSA’s value estimates are correct. Since only some people die — although, tragically, lots of them are youngsters of the drivers — the financially greater financial savings is lowered injury from backing into different vehicles, parking meters, dumpsters, and bicycles. To put number on a child’s life appears crass. But when automakers spend $2.7 billion a 12 months to save 50 lives a year, that’s $fifty four milion per life saved. If it stops half the eight,000 injuries, that’s $675,000 per damage prevented. If a $500 backup warning digital camera and sonar saves $1,000 in fender and bumper harm on each second automobile, it pays for its

The blind spot drawback is rising with the sale of extra SUVs and aerodynamically shaped automobiles with lousy rear imaginative and prescient. It’s compounded by automakers who don’t install LCD shows as commonplace and make them obtainable only whenever you order navigation. Typically you must order navigation as a part of a tech bundle and the already inflated worth of navigation hits $three,000-$four,500 in a tech bundle. A handful of inexpensive vehicles include backup cameras as standard now, such as the GMC Terrain, Honda CR-V, and Hyundai Azera. Some GM automobiles such as the GMC Terrain have LCD standard. Honda makes backup sonar a supplier-installed choice (about $four hundred), which makes it extra costly than manufacturing facility-put in, however then it’s obtainable for each

Here’s the very best solution, one which automakers ought to adopt voluntarily before NHTSA crams it down their throats: Make an LCD show customary in every automotive constructed. Then it’s simpler so as to add a backup camera at a small incremental cost, $25-$50 on the wholesale end. A heart stack LCD provides drivers an even bigger image than a rear-view mirror show. And for everyday driving, the LCD show is best suited to show the music selections most customers favor: iPods and USB keys moderately than AM/FM. Everyone benef

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